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Angular course Training Institute in Erode


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Angular is a popular open-source web application framework developed by Google. It simplifies the process of building dynamic single-page web applications (SPAs) by providing a structured framework for front-end development. Angular uses TypeScript, a superset of JavaScript, to enhance code maintainability and scalability. It follows the Model-View-Controller (MVC) architecture, allowing developers to organize their code efficiently. Key features include two-way data binding, dependency injection, and a modular system that enables the creation of reusable components. Angular also offers a powerful command-line interface (CLI) for project scaffolding and maintenance. With a vibrant community and regular updates, Angular continues to be a robust choice for building modern web applications.

angular course training institute in erode

Course Details

Course :                           C programming

Duration:                         4 months

Mode of Training:          Online / offline

Assessments:                  Yes

Certifications:                 5 certifications

Placement support:      100% Assistance

Recently placed Students

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How we conduct classes in Angular course training Institute in Erode

In Angular training, classes are typically conducted through a combination of lectures, hands-on coding sessions, and interactive discussions. The training often begins with an overview of Angular concepts, architecture, and best practices. Instructors guide participants through building progressively complex applications, emphasizing practical implementation and real-world scenarios. Hands-on exercises and coding assignments allow students to apply theoretical knowledge and reinforce their skills.Live demonstrations of Angular features and tools are commonly used to illustrate concepts, and instructors provide instant feedback on coding exercises. Collaborative projects and group discussions foster a dynamic learning environment, encouraging participants to share insights and problem-solving approaches. Additionally, online resources, documentation, and community support may be highlighted to encourage self-directed learning beyond the classroom. Overall, Angular training aims to equip participants with a comprehensive understanding of the framework, preparing them for real-world development challenges.

Presenting an Award

Angular course training Institute in Erode certification & Exam:

Alter Certification is recognised by all significant international businesses. We offer to freshmen as well as corporate trainees once the theoretical and practical sessions are over.

Our Alter accreditation is recognised all around the world. With the aid of this qualification, you may land top jobs in renowned MNCs throughout the world, increasing the value of your CV. Only after successfully completing our training and practice-based projects will the certification be granted.

Key Features of Angular course training Institute in Erode

Skill Level

We are providing Training to the needs from Beginners level to Experts level.

Course Duration

Course will be 90 hrs to 110 hrs duration with real-time projects and covers both teaching and practical sessions.

Total Learners

We have already finished 100+ Batches with 100% course completion record.

If you have any questions or concerns, don't hesitate to reach out to our advisor. Feel free to give them a call, and they'll be more than happy to assist you.


Angular course training Institute in Erode syllabus

Module 1: Introduction to Web Development and TypeScript

  • Overview of Web Development

  • Introduction to TypeScript

  • Basic Types

  • Functions

  • Classes and Interfaces

Module 2: Introduction to Angular

  • What is Angular?

  • Architecture and Building Blocks

  • Setting up the Development Environment

  • Node.js and npm

  • Angular CLI

Module 3: Components and Templates

  • Components and Directives

  • Data Binding

  • Templates and Template Syntax

  • ngIf, ngFor, ngSwitch

Module 4: Services and Dependency Injection

  • Introduction to Services

  • Dependency Injection in Angular

  • Creating and Consuming Services

Module 5: Angular Modules

  • Introduction to Modules

  • NgModule and its Metadata

  • Feature Modules

Module 6: Forms in Angular

  • Template-Driven Forms

  • Reactive Forms

  • Form Validation

Module 7: Routing and Navigation

  • Introduction to Angular Router

  • Configuring Routes

  • Route Parameters and Navigation Guards

Module 8: HTTP and Observables

  • Making HTTP Requests with Angular

  • Using Observables

  • Error Handling and RxJS Operators

Module 9: Angular Pipes

  • Introduction to Pipes

  • Built-in Pipes

  • Creating Custom Pipes

Module 10: Angular Directives

  • Built-in Directives

  • Creating Custom Directives

Module 11: Angular Animations

  • Introduction to Animations

  • Angular Animation States and Triggers

  • Animation Transitions

Module 12: Testing in Angular

  • Unit Testing with Jasmine and Karma

  • Testing Components, Services, and Pipes

  • End-to-End Testing with Protractor

Module 13: Advanced Topics

  • Lazy Loading

  • Angular Universal (Server-Side Rendering)

  • Progressive Web Apps (PWA) with Angular

Module 14: Deployment

  • Building and Deploying an Angular Application

  • Optimization and Best Practices

Module 15: Real-world Project

  • Building a complete Angular application

  • Incorporating best practices learned throughout the course

Corporate Training in Angular course training Institute in Erode :

Eligibility Criteria

Apitude Test

Placement & Training

Mock Interviews


Scheduling Interviews

Resume Prepearation

Job Placement

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Proficiency After Certification in course training Institute in Erode:

After completing a Angular, one can expect to have the following skills and proficiency:

Understanding Angular Basics:

  • Ensure a solid understanding of the basic concepts of Angular, such as components, directives, services, modules, and dependency injection.

Practical Application:

  • Apply your knowledge to real-world projects. Practical experience is crucial for reinforcing concepts learned during certification.

Build Complex Applications:

  • Gradually move on to more complex applications. This will expose you to challenges that require a deeper understanding of Angular's advanced features.

Explore Advanced Concepts:

  • Dive into more advanced topics like lazy loading, dynamic components, custom directives, and advanced routing. This will broaden your skill set and make you more versatile in Angular development.

RxJS Mastery:

  • Understand and master Reactive Programming using RxJS, a key part of Angular for handling asynchronous operations.

Optimizing Performance:

  • Learn how to optimize Angular applications for performance. This includes lazy loading, code splitting, and other performance optimization techniques.


  • Explore testing methodologies in Angular, including unit testing, integration testing, and end-to-end testing. Knowing how to write effective tests is a valuable skill.

Stay Updated:

  • Keep up with the latest updates and new features introduced in Angular. The web development landscape is dynamic, and staying current is essential.

Contribute to Open Source:

  • Contribute to Angular-related open-source projects. This not only enhances your skills but also provides exposure to real-world development practices.

Community Involvement:

  • Join Angular communities, forums, and meetups. Engaging with the community can provide valuable insights, solutions to problems, and networking opportunities.

Explore Other Front-End Technologies:

  • Gain a broader perspective by exploring related technologies such as TypeScript, Webpack, and state management libraries (e.g., NgRx).

Soft Skills:

  • Develop soft skills such as problem-solving, communication, and teamwork. These are crucial in a professional development environment.

Working from Home
Staff Profile
  • Certified professional trainer.

  • More than 5+ years experience.

  • Trained students by giving real time examples.

  • Strong knowledge of theory and practical

  • Trainers are industry experience.

  • Trainers have Real time project experience in their industry.

  • Students can ask their doubts to the trainer.

  • Trainer prepares students on relevant subjects for the interview.

angular course training institute in erode
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angular course training institute in erode
angular course training institute in erode
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